Pampered POMS Rescue

Inside Pampered Paws Grooming Salon

How  does  it  work? 

We are a RESCUE, which is very different than a shelter. Instead of hours, we have appointments. You may fill out an Adoption Application first, or call us to set up a time to meet the dogs we have for adoption. They may all be at our location, but some may be in foster homes. We need to get an idea of which dogs might be a good match for you, then proceed. Adoption is a process. We want to learn about you, as you learn about the pet. We want to make the best match possible for each dog. Some may need a fenced yard, others may do well in an apartment with only leash walking.  Some may need a human at home during the day. We try to evaluate each dog thoroughly to see what they need. Sometimes there could be five Poms you can meet all at once to see which one you are attracted to. In the past we have had as many as 8  Poms at once.

We get our dogs from a variety of places. Many animal groups work together in this area. Everyone knows we are the Pom Rescue so they may want us to take a Pom because we know more about the breed. We have people that adopt from us that have had this breed for decades, and may choose to adopt, instead of purchase. Most come from individuals who cannot care for the dog. Often times it boils down to finances. Things like housing, jobs, or lack of,  allergies, kids, and owners passing are reasons we might get a dog. Most of the times it is not the animals fault.  Sometimes the dog needs extra training or is special needs.  Life happens, and we try not to blame the humans for making hard decisions that affects this furry friend they are respondsible for. We are always glad in the end that the dogs came to us. We hope to make the rest of their lives, the best of their lives.

When we get a dog, our first priority is Love and Acceptance. It is very important the dog feel safe  and loved. Then we evaluate the behavior, health, and needs of the dog. We do all the medical before searching for the perfect home. We have fantastic vets who give us a small discount and is awesome with tiny special dogs that often need major surgery.

We get applications from far away and many ask about transports. We will contemplate a long distance adoption and we have done this many times. If we have a great application locally it will likely be picked first. Some special needs dogs may be eligible because its harder to find them homes. There are other rescues who will transport dogs to you, but we will not. If you adopt long distance and are approved you must drive here to get them. Sometimes the adopter isn't approved until we meet in person. Meet n greets are so important, for the dog and the people. Personalities and characteristics can't be shown in a picture. Please understand its hard to make everyone happy and its the dog that matters most. Fortunately we are a small rescue and never have a problem with space. The dogs can stay with us as long as needed for rehab or while searching for the perfect home.

We are a state licensed, non profit and rely on donations to operate. We charge adoption fees, but often the bills go beyond a reasonable donation fee. We also provide things like collars, leash, harness, kennel, food and grooming for every dog we adopt out.

Check out the other pages here to find out more about us, how to donate, volunteer, or adopt.

This web site is a work in progress. Please be patient with us as we build it.